Black Girls Rock

Nothing more rewarding than being in a room filled with talented, intelligent, beautiful black people. 

Garden Snacking

I wanted a snack and decided to head down to the garden to see what I could harvest! Viola! 

Swimsuit Body

Thanks Vegan Diet for making me look swimsuit ready even when I haven’t been working out like I should. 

Beefless Stew Recipe 

Beef stew is a family favorite comfort meal in my house. When my 5yo asked me to make it yesterday, I thawed out some chuck roast for the kids and challenged myself to make a beef stew minus the main ingredient for me and the hubs. I cooked the girls beef in a separate pot…

The World Wants me to be Vegan

The universe is conspiring to support my veganism. I went to two parities (one a kid party) and both had a very friendly vegan spread! It made me so happy; I wasn’t even tempted to eat the fried chicken wings. 🍓

“Must-Go” Vegan Meal

Here’s an example of a “Must-Go” Meal. Which is basically everything in that frig that needs to go before I go grocery shopping again. 🛒 Here’s what you’ll need: – Any veggies on their last leg. I used Portobello and shiitake Mushrooms. Carrots. Celery. Red Bell Peppers. Green Onion. – Fried Tofu (optional) – Soy…