$20 Whole Foods Meal for a Family of Four!

I put @wholefoods and @amazon to the test with their new lower prices. I went into the new Whole Foods in Newark, NJ to see if I could make a healthy meal for a family of four, for just $20. To appeal to the masses this is not a vegan meal however, my next trip will be to make a full vegan meal. …

Fake Fried Chicken

Everyone loves fried chicken but I make a healthier version that looks, sounds and tastes like fried chicken but is actually broiled.


-Chicken pieces (smaller pieces are better like wings, thighs), season/marinate with your desired spices and refrigerate for at least an hour prior to cooking

-Remove chicken from refrigerate and allow it to hit room temperature before cooking

-Coat your chicken with olive oil 

-Place on a broiler pan so that the oils/fats can drop into the drip pan

-Place under the broiler on low heat, depending on the size of your chicken determines when you should flip it. Chicken should be completely browned and crunchy before your flip it. 
Sautéed Brussel Sprouts


-cut your sprouts into quarters (smaller pieces are more tolerable for little eaters)

-heat olive oil in pan

-add sprouts to hot pan

-add fresh 3 fresh minced garlic cloves

-stir occasionally until browned

-add salt and pepper just prior to removing from heat

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